Classical Pilates on the New Hampshire coast.

Pointe Pilates is a classical Pilates studio located in the coastal town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Private and semi-private lessons are individually designed to uniformly develop the body’s muscles; strengthen correct posture for better body alignment; improve core strength and stability; heighten body awareness; enhance coordination and balance; and, most importantly, created to make you feel good in your body!

The classical Pilates method is authentic and powerful, staying true to the innovative method of movement designed by German born athlete and physical therapy pioneer Joseph Pilates. Pointe Pilates is dedicated to honoring the classical method through thorough training, focused instruction, and utilization of classical equipment (reformer, wunda chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, mat, tower, and more!) to bring the joy in freedom of movement to each client.

Every body is ready for Pilates right now. And everyone is welcome at Pointe Pilates. Connect with us to begin your Pilates journey!